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Development Permits
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Apply for a Development Permit

A Development Permit application shall be made to the Development Officer in writing on the prescribed form, and shall be signed by the applicant or his agent. The Development Officer shall require the following information to be submitted with the application:

(a) Permitted uses

  1. Legal description and municipal address,
  2. Dimensions of the site,
  3. Dimensions of proposed buildings,
  4. Distances from proposed buildings to all lot lines
  5. Height of building,
  6. Exterior finish of building,
  7. May require any of the information identified for discretionary uses.

(b) Discretionary Uses

(i) ..... all of the information required for permitted uses,

(ii) .... utilities, site drainage, grade elevations, existing and finished lot grades, the grades of the streets and the location of proposed sewer and water lines, and

(iii) ... a Real Property Report where the proposal involves an existing building;

(iv) ... for applications for apartment buildings, dwelling groups, and commercial, industrial, recreational and institutional uses:

  • loading and parking provisions,
  • access locations to and from the site,
  • garbage and storage areas and the fencing and screening proposed for same, and location and approximate dimensions of existing and proposed culverts and crossings;

(c) where the applicant is an agent, tenant or purchaser acting for the owner, a letter from the owner verifying authority to make the application.

Each Development Permit application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee, the amount of which shall be determined from time to time by resolution or bylaw of Council.

When, in the opinion of the Development Authority, sufficient details have not been included with a Development Permit application, it may be returned to the applicant for further details. The application so returned shall be deemed not to have been in its complete and final form until all required details have been submitted.

No person shall commence or allow the commencement of a development, land use or use of a building unless:

(a) a development permit has first been issued, pursuant to the Land Use Bylaw #05-2015, except if a development permit is not required;

(b) the land use or use of a building is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the development permit issued pursuant to Land Use Bylaw #05-2015; and

(c) a building permit or any other permit that may be required has been obtained in accordance with the Safety Codes Act and any relevant Town bylaw or any other applicable regulation.

A Development Permit is not required for the following developments provided they otherwise comply with the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw and are not located within the floodplain of a watercourse:

(a) works of maintenance or repair to any building provided that such work does not include structural alterations, does not change the use or intensity of the use of the building, and is performed in accordance with obligatory legislation or other government regulations (Structural alterations are those which would result in substantial changes to the roof, foundation, or exterior walls of a structure, or alterations that result in an expansion of the usable floor area of a structure and results in a reduction to existing setback distances);

(b) a change in the business or the occupancy of a building that does not constitute a change in the type of use of the site;

(c) the completion of a building which is lawfully under construction at the date this Bylaw comes into effect provided that the building is completed in accordance with the terms of any permit granted in respect of it, subject to the conditions of that permit;

(d) the erection, construction or maintenance of gates, fences, walls or other means of enclosure less than 0.9 m (3 ft) in height in front yards and less than 2.0 m (6.5 ft) in height in side (of the house) and rear yards, provided that the erection of such fence, wall or enclosure does not contravene any other provision of this Bylaw;

(e) the erection or installation of machinery needed in connection with operations for which a Development Permit has been issued, for the period of those operations;

(f) a temporary building or structure, the sole purpose of which is incidental to the erection or alteration of a permanent building or structure, for which a Development Permit has been issued;

(g) the construction and maintenance of that part of a public utility placed in or upon a public thoroughfare or public utility easement;

(h) the use by the Town of land of which the Town is the legal or equitable owner for a purpose approved by Council in connection with any public utility carried out by the Town;

(i) the use of all or part of a building as a temporary polling station for a Federal, Provincial or Municipal election or referendum;

(j) an official notice, sign, placard, or bulletin required to be displayed pursuant to the provisions of Federal, Provincial, or Municipal legislation;

(k) one (1) temporary, on-site sign which does not exceed 1.0 m2 (11 ft2) in area or 1.2 m (3.9 ft) in height and is intended for:

(i) advertising the sale or lease of a dwelling unit, or property for which a Development Permit has been issued for the development on the said property, or

(ii) identifying a construction or demolition project for which a Development Permit has been issued, or

(iii) identifying a political campaign, or

(iv) advertising a campaign or drive that has been approved by Council;

(l) commemorative plaques and cornerstones of a non-advertising nature;

(m) the construction, maintenance and repair of private walkways, private pathways, private driveways, and similar works;

(n) the stripping or stockpiling of soil, installation of utilities and construction ofroads in accordance with a current, signed development agreement;

(o) the construction of an accessory building having an area less than 9.85 m2 (106  ft2) in a residential district;

(p) the construction of a mast antenna structure, 15 m (50 ft) or less in height, when attached to the side of a building;