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Starting a Business
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The Town of High Prairie welcomes you and your new or existing business.
The Town of High Prairie business licenses are yearly and transferable.


General License Fee:
Transfer of Business Licenses

Each applicant representing a new Resident or Non-Resident Business shall pay a pro-rated License Fee consisting of ONE HALF (1/2) the annual business License Fee


A Business License shall be required to carry on or operate any of the following businesses:

  1. Resident Business
  2. Non – Resident Business
  3. Temporary Business

A separate Business Licenses is required for each separate business, regardless of ownership.

An issued Business License issued will expire on December 31st in the year of issue, unless previously suspended or revoked.  Every license shall bear on its face the date on which it was issued and the date on which it will expire.

When a Business License is not Required:

  • the Town of High Prairie;
  • schools (non-commercial), school authorities or public colleges;
  • the local health authority;
  • the local ambulance authority, if publicly owned and operated;
  • the Government of the Province of Alberta or the Government of Canada;
  • a non-resident business that supplies and or delivers wholesale or bulk goods to a resident business which holds a valid business license;
  • any person that is an employee of some other person, who is licensed under this bylaw;
  • any charitable or non-profit organization; or
  • residential garage sales provided that the sale takes place on a residential property where that property owner, or primary resident when referring to rental properties, directly supervises and controls the sale.


A licensee may transfer a license issued to him/her provided he/she obtains the approval of the License Inspector and pays the transfer fee.