Town of High Prairie and Big Lakes County Intermunicipal Development Plan
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In the fall of 2018 the Town of High prairie initiated a project to develop vision and guiding policies to manage future growth in the lands along their shared boarders with Big Lakes County through the creation of this Intermunicipal Plan (IDP).

The purpose of the IDP is to ensure that there is common agreement and vision in place to guide the future development and use of land within the intermunicipal fringe area.  The IDP also provides opportunities to address community concerns, share resources and establishes a framework for ongoing consultation and cooperation in areas of mutual concern and interest.

In conjunction with the development of the IDP,  Big Lakes County and the Town of High Prairie also undertook the creation of an Intermunicpal Collaboration Framework to identify and manage the provision of services between the two municipalities.

For More information of the IDP click here.